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Date 05/09/2019
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Are you looking into Leasing your next Ophthalmic Equipment?

Leasing will help you fight technical obsolescence, cash flow problems and more.

Keep Your Credits Lines Open

Leasing will not appear on your financial statement as an open debt, this will facilitate your ability to obtein a home mortgage as well as other loans.

Tax Advantages Under Section 179

You may choose to deduct the entire cost of the equipment the year of the purchase: Up to $25,000 for 2016

Pay as you Grow

Lease payments can be custom taylored to meet your specific Tax and Cash Flow needs, for example, a graduated lease program offers Low Payments at the beginning and higher payments later on

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A few MORE advantages of leasing vs buying:

Tax Advantages The tax advantages can make leasing less expensive than an outright purchase or bank financing. If you make a purchase before year end, you can take up to $500,000 deduction under Tax Code 179. Consult your accountant.
Conserves Capital Most businesses prefer to use their valuable capital as an investment in other aspects of their oepration.
Protection from Obsolescence In a world of rapidly changing technology, leasing is the conservative way to hedge your bet against investing in technical obsolescence.
Simpler that Bank Loans Leasing programs and procedures are specially designed to take the red tape out of financing capital equipment.
100% Financing Most bank loans require a substantial deposit or down payment. We finance everything you need, including: shipping, taxes and multi-year maintenance programs.
Improved Cash Flow Leasing allows you to pay for the equipment as you use it. Use tomorrow's dollars to create income for your practice today.
Flexibility Leasing gives you the opportunity to structure the lease with low monthly payments at lease inception and higher payments later on (gradutated payment plan) to conserve working capital.
Longer Terms Many banks only lend money short term, usually 12 to 36 months.
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