24 pc. Best Seller CliC Bundle - Clic

24 pc. Best Seller CliC Bundle

Promotion includes free T-BAR Display + Free Shiping

24 pc. pack (1 of each):

47-0701175 Clic Original Black +1.75
47-0701200 Clic Original Black +2.00
47-0701250 Clic Original Black +2.50
47-0702150 Clic Original Tortoise +1.50
47-0702250 Clic Original Tortoise +2.50
47-0702275 Clic Original Tortoise +2.75
47-0704200 Clic Original Blue +2.00
47-0706275 Clic Original Clear +2.75
47-0801200 Clic Original XXL  Black +2.00
47-0801150 Clic Original XXL  Black +1.50
47-0802125 Clic Original XXL  Tortoise +1.25
47-0804250 Clic Original XXL  Blue +2.50
47-0806200 Clic Original XXL  Clear +2.00
47-0806250 Clic Original XXL  Clear +2.50
47-0501150 Clic Executive  Black +1.50
47-0501250 Clic Executive  Black +2.50
47-0503175 Clic Executive  Blue Jean +1.75
47-0503250 Clic Executive  Blue Jean +2.50
47-0502275 Clic Executive  Tortoise +2.75
47-0502150 Clic Executive  Tortoise +1.50
47-0412175 Clic Evolution Anthracite +1.75
47-0413250 Clic Evolution Blue Metal +2.50
47-0414250 Clic Evolution Bright Red +2.50
47-1101175 Clic Vintage XXL Black +1.75

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP), Internet, and USA Reseller Policy

Dear Valued Customer, 

CliC Reading Glasses have certain distribution and reseller guidelines that are required as a condition of carrying their product. Adhering to the guidelines below will ensure a continuous supply of these world famous reading glasses.

CliC readers may not be offered for sale on any e-commerce web sites, especially Amazon, except for an eye care professional’s (ECP’s) own website where optical related goods are offered for sale. If an ECP advertises CliC readers, whether online or in print, the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) listed below must be followed. Advertising above MAP is allowed. Advertising belowMAP will result in loss of reseller rights. The MSRP is a suggestion for listing your selling prices.

Additionally, all sales of CliC readers must remain in the USA. CliC products that are purchased for resale in the USA can only be sold or shipped in the USA. Any customers that are selling or shipping to any other countries will lose their reseller rights.

Thank you for choosing CliC.

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24 pc. Best Seller CliC Bundle
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