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Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope HHSM-6621

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope HHSM-6621

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Cutting-edge Optic Design High quality optical lens with Apochromatic(APO) design and multi-layer optical coating brings high resolution and deep depth of field, enables high comfort during the surgery.

Motorized ZOOM System The HHSM6621 adopts motorized ZOOM system to reduce discomfort when the field of view changes.

Independent Assistant Microscope HHSM6621’s assistant microscope adopts independent optical path which is independently from surgeon’s microscope, it has 5 steps magnification changer.

Bright and Stable Red ReflexRed reflex by coaxial illumination makes surgeons can see fine structure under weak light, easily perform continuous circular capsulorhexis(CCC)and aspirate residual lens cortex.

Key Factors at a Glance

Status display Full touch screen displays the current status and parameter settings of the HHSM 6621.

Adjustable Balance System

The inclination of microscope head can be easily adjusted upwards and downwards while keeping balance. The inclination degree ranged from 15° upwards to 35 ° downwards will be shown on the “Status Display”

More Comprehensive More Details

Electromagnetic Locking System

The HHSM6621's electromagnetic locking system makes it easy to position it at the desired angle with the lightest of touches, and the primary and secondary arms can be rotated 360°, making the HHSM6621 adaptable to a wide range of applications.
Security Guarantee

Built-in backup power supply, easy bulb exchange and security lock on secondary arm ensure safe surgery.

    • Auto Power Off Protection

The HHSM-6621 will automaticallyenters the powered off state when the secondary arm is raised to a certain height, it will greatly facilitate surgeons operation and extend the service life of lamp source.

    • X-Y-Z Axis Fine Adjustment

Accurate lateral and longitudinal X-Y-Z axis movements for precise positioning during surgeries.

    • 180°

The binocular tubes of surgeons microscope and assistants microscope can be smoothly adjusted from 0°to 180°.

Foot Control Panel

The foot control panel is capable of controlling 14 functions of the SM621. Surgeons can easily adjust the brightness and zoom magnification, switch the filters and backup bulb etc. Without

  1. Light on/off
  2. Switch filter
  3. Light +
  4. Light -
  5. Reset XY
  6. Backup LED

4K High Resolution Video

Optional 4K digital module with low noise, high sensitivity and good image quality. It can be used for surgery teaching, academic research, patient case sharing which helps bring more harmonious communication between doctors and patients.

Enhanced Depth of Field

Adjustable aperture can meet different needs of brightness and depth of field.

Clinical ApplicationsOcular anterior segment surgeries, cataract phacoemulsification combined with intraocular lens implantation, glaucoma surgery, ICL implantation, pterygium surgery, ocular trauma surgery, orbital plastic surgery, etc.

Anterior Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis (ACCC)
Aspirate Lens Nucleus and Residual Cortex
IOL Implantation
IOL Cetered
Specifications: HHSM-6621

Technical Details

Surgical Microscope
Motorized zoom system with apochromatic lens, zoom ratio 1
6 Magnification factor γ = 0.4 to 2.4
Focusing: electric, focus range: 50 mm
Objective lens: f = 200 mm
Binocular tube: 0 - 180°, tiltable tube f = 170 mm
Wide-angle eyepiece 12.5 x
Assistant microscope manual magnification change: 5 steps
Coaxial Illumination: Red reflex and full-field illumination LED
One-touch automatic bulb exchange
Blue blocking filter
25% gray filter
Red-free filter
Retinal protection filter
Aperture diameter: 50 mm
X-Y Coupling
Movement range: max. 50 mm x 50 mm
Automatic centering by pressing the reset button
Suspension System
Floor stand
Maximum load capacity
15 kg (complete equipment, including accessories)
Electromagnetic locking
Maximum extension radius of spring arm 1270 mm, 360° rotation
Vertical moving range of the spring arm: 200 mm up and 300 mm
Down Universal casters
Foot Control Panel
14 functions
Weights and Measurements
Microscope Weight: 200 kg
Package Weight: 307 kg
Microscope Dimension: 1300 mm x 664 mm x 1760 mm ( L/W/H )
Package Dimension: 1035 mm x 835 mm x 2005 mm ( L/W/H )

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Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope HHSM-6621
Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope HHSM-6621

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