Portable Slit Lamp HSL-004 - Hans Heiss

Portable Slit Lamp HSL-004

Portable Slit Lamp

Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Usable

Easy to carry and use, Applicable to both human and pets


HSL004 Portable Slit Lamp isan electric instrument for examination of anterior segment structures of an eye ball. When using this instrument, please follow the instructions of the well-trained and experienced doctors.

HSL004 portable slit lamp consists of the lamp body and the magnifier shown as below: positioned at a distance to the eye at 12~32mm



Magnification 5 X
Slit Length: 5 mm~11 mm
Slit Width (min): 0.5 mm
Working Distance: 12 mm~32 mm
Power Supply: Two AA batteries
Light Source: 3V/1W Led lamp
Battery Life: More than 3 hours (two AA alkaline batteries)
Net Weight: 120 g (without batteries)
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Portable Slit Lamp HSL-004

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