AP-7000 KOWA. - Kowa

AP-7000 KOWA.

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Stimulus presentation methos Projection
Stimulus Color White, red, blue, green
Stimulus size Goldmann I, II, III, IV, V
Maximum stimulus intensity 3,183 cd/m² (10,000 asb): white
Stimulus presentation time 0.2 sec.
Stimulus presentation interval 0.6 ~ 3.3 sec. (automatically adjusted)

Background intensity

*Automatic Light adjustment

White: 10 cd/m² (31.5 asb)

Yellow: 100 cd/m² (314.2 asb)

Examination distance 300 mm
Measurement range 80°
External interface USB, ethernet
Fixation target

Orange LED

Center 1 point, auxiliary 4 point, fovea examination 4 point

Eye fixation monitoring Heijl - Krakau method, eye fixation monitor, gaze monitor
Printout USB-connected printer [separately available]
Operation screen Touch panel color LCD monitor
Data save Built-in flash memory
Operation support Oral instruction
Chin rest operation Motor-driven
Power Supply

Input: AC 100-230 V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 200 VA

Dimensions 730(W) x 430(D) x 700 (H) mm
Weight 26 kg

Installed Database of Normal Eyes over 600 People

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AP-7000 KOWA.
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