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Glaucoma and Retina laser platform Supra 810 - Quantel medical

Glaucoma and Retina laser platform Supra 810

For SubCyclo, ThermoCyclo, Photocoagulation and TTT

  • Infrared 810nm Wavelength
  • SubLiminal emission mode
  • Enhanced treatment options
  • Easy to use and learn Laser
  • Simple and versatile design



  • 810nm laser cavity
  • Proprietary SubLiminal® emission mode
  • Control of the laser settings thanks to the wireless footswitch (optional)

One laser: Two clinical applications

  • Glaucoma: SubCydo® and ThermoCydo
  • Retina: Photocoagulation and TTT

Easy to use

  • Clinically oriented software
  • Software-guided treatment procedures

Simple and versatile design

  • Fully portable
  • Perfectly sized for use in operating room and doctor's office
  • Compatible with various delivery systems: Slit Lamp, Microscope, LIO, SubCydo, Retina laser probes.

Proprietary 810nm SubLiminal® emission mode

Composed of a train of extremely short microsecond pulses of which the duration and the intervals are fully adjustable, this subthreshold treatment mode allows a precise management of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues.

The use of this subthreshold emission mode is the cornerstone of the new SubCydo® glaucoma laser therapy.



Supra 810 provides an intuitive and versatile user interface simplifying glaucoma and retina laser treatments.

Built in a clinically oriented manner, it features 4 different software guided procedures.


A novel, safe and effective glaucoma treatment

SubCydo is a new nondestructive laser procedure.

Based on the transcleral cydophotocoagulation principle, it relies on the 810nm stimulation of the ciliary body, producing the aqueous humor, and the uveosderal pathway, secondary route of the aqueous outflow.

It can be performed thanks to the combined use of the Quantel Medical Supra 810 laser and SubCydo probe.

SubCydo clinical data :

  • A new treatment for advanced and end-stage glaucoma
  • An efficient treatment procedure leading to a reduction in the medication regimen (1)
  • SubCydo preserves the structures of the ciliary body and improves the uveosderal outflow
  • A repeatable treatment option (1)
  • A safe treatment potentially allowing for earlier laser interventions
(1) Efficacy, tolerabillty. side effects, anatomical effects (UBM) of SUBCYCLO Subthreshold cydophotocoagulation 9-month study (43 eyes / 34 patients) presented at the French Society of Ophthalmology 2017 (SFO). Dr. Yves Lachkar and Dr. Nassima Benhatchi - Glaucoma Institute. Saint Joseph Hospital, Paris (France) Data on file.



Supra 810nm

Laser source: Solide State Technology
Wavelength: 810nm
Power at tissue up to: 3W
Pulse duration: 0.01 s to continuous
Aiming beam: 635 - 650 nm
Repeat interval: 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.5 - 0.7 s
Emission modes: Single, reapeat, continuous, painting SubLiminalTM mode (duty cycle from 5% to 35%)
Size: 14.5 (H) x 33 (L) x 30.7 (P) cm
4.79" (H) x 10.83" (W) x 10.07" (D)
Weight: 9.5 kg - 21 lbs
Cooling: by Peltier effect
Power requirements: 100 to 240 VAC, 350 VA, 50/60 Hz
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Glaucoma and Retina laser platform Supra 810
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