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I.C.P is a simple cover support that applies to your iPad. Once applied the ICP, thanks to the application downloadable from Itunes you will have the chance to make a lot of visual screening. The ICP can also enable health workers to send real-time images or parts thereof to the experts for a more thorough diagnosis.



ICP allows to make screening, from urban centers to the suburbs, by examination rooms of hospitals to apartments of patients, by medical studies to field hospitals. You can take it anywhere with you !


Rapid screening system, in a few steps you can assess the state of the meibomian glands and quantify the percentage of loss of area of the same. All this in a few moments !


ICP allows you to screen, of patients of different heights, from young to old, of persons with disabilities or with limited motor ability, It does not need any bed or support for the patient, use it freely !


ICP is a simple and intuitive system, It will allow you to access your data and screening sections with a single finger. Also the use in front of the patient is very simple and of great visual impact, professional and technological risulterete at the same time !


ICP is one Medical instrument of class 1 registrato al Ministero della Salute numero 1340864/R.


This device is intended exclusively for professionals in the sector!


These glands produce oily lipid substances that are released to the eyelid margins reaching the tear film thanks to eyelid winks. Oily lipid substances floating on the surface of the tear film and needs to reduce evaporation. The MGD alters the lipid component of the tear film and this can cause the appearance of an evaporative dry eye with its characteristic symptoms. In severe cases, the MGD can also cause inflammation of the eyelids called blepharitis rear edge.


typology: device for evaluation of the meibomian glands
camera: Coloured,sensitive to infrared (NIR)
Resolution: 8 MPx
Light source: infrared lED
part examined: Upper and lower eyelids
Rating: Calculation of the extension percentage in the glands detected through selection made by the operator
Calculation of percentage of missing glands
graphic result: Coloration absent area and present
Tools: editor to highlight the area of ​​the glands to be evaluated
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