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Multifunction Refractometer MR-6000

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6 systems in one product






Dry Eye Analysis

It is a combination of 6 systems in one product: 1. Topography, 2. Refraction, 3. Keratometry, 4. Tonometry, 5. Pachymetry, 6. Dry eye analysis tool.

Advantages of MR-6000:

  • Easy operating: Auto alignment and familiar user interface
  • Space saving: Five systems in one device
  • Time saving: Change between the different modes in just 3 seconds
  • High accuracy: Combined data of different measurements for precise results (e.g. Tono + Pachy)
  • Improved features: friendly air puff control and enhanced refraction function
  • Complete dry eye analysis: Combination of 6 different measurements of blinking, tear film, Meibomian glands and conjunctiva
Specifications: MR-6000
Measurement performance
Refractive power measurement
Spherical refractive power -30.00 D to +25.00 D (VD= 12.0 mm)
Cylindrical refractive power 0 D to +/-12.50 D (VD= 12.0 mm)
Astigmatic axis °0 to 180°
Corneal curvature measurement
Corneal curvature radius 5.00 mm to 13.00 mm
Corneal astigmatic axis °0 to 180°
lntraocular pressure measurement

Measurement range

1 mmHg to 60 mmHg (1 hPa - 80 hPa)
Corneal thickness measurement
Measurement range 300 µm to 800 µm
Corneal shape measurement
Corneal curvature radius 5.50 mm to 10.00 mm
Corneal astigmatic axis °0 to 180°
Auxiliary functions
lnterpupillary distance measurement
Measurement range 20mm to 85mm
Corneal diameter and pupil diameter measurement
Measurement range 1.0mm to 14.0mm
Main unit
Display type 10.4-inch color TFT-LCD
Dimensions and weight 312 (W) X 491 (D) X 450 (H)mm, Approx. 23.0 kg
Voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 110 VA
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Multifunction Refractometer MR-6000
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