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LCD Chart ulc-900

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ULC-900 provides the most reliable test result by the technology to be developed by UNICOS to all types of patients. All of user may have the best experience with ULC-900 by easy and convenient operation and program.

24" TFT LCD monitor

24 inch TFT monitor with high-resolution display for wider and clearer view. Various installation methods for securing enough space even in a limited area.

High performance polar filters

Keep charts clear between the range of 1.5M ~ 7.5M test distance by high performance polar filters. Heterophoria / Heterotropia / Stereopsis tests with polar seperation charts.

Installation distance

May control installation space from 1.5M up to 7.5M by 0.25m.

May use of Mirror functions at the small space.

White-black contrast

It allows to test LASIK patients.

Numbers of different charts

Landolt , Snellen, Child chart, Cross chart and more.
Masking mode with single character, horizontal line, vertical line and more.

Visual functions and special functions for all types of patients such as cataract, strabismus and the other.
Easy image addition in Slide mode from USB flash drive.

General charts (Snellen, Landolt, Numbers, Characters, Children)

Back 0.05 ~ 2.00 charts by test distance up (Children 0.1~1.0) Horizontal, Vertical, Single character mask and Center indication Red / Green filters / Random charts.

Control System

A remote control for a prompt and convenient test. It is compatible with UNICOS’ Digital Refractor.

Color-blindness test

Preset seven type's charts / Random selection function.

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LCD Chart ulc-900
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