Auto Bloquer UPB-900A - UNICOS

Auto Bloquer UPB-900A

State-of-the-art Auto Blocker.

Optimum performance with unique features.

Optical High Precision Tracing

As automatic blocker, high technology built-in image processing software which allows the automatic non-contact measuring of frame patterns or demo lenses has been applied to UPB-900A.

It also displays the XY coordinates of the drilling holes (max 10 per lens) or slots in relation with the blocking center. Rimless frames are not a headache any longer.

Motorized blocking

The UPB-900A uses a video camera to block lens accurately to be edged without any parallax error.

Server for mini-lab

The UPB-900A uses an internal computer which can be used as a hub for connecting up to several edgers via cable link or EdgeNet™ Wireless communication.

200 jobs could be saved in the memory and recalled from any edger using a barcode reader.

Specifications: UPB-900A
Tracing size Frame : Φ 17 mm to Φ 90 mm
Pattern : Φ 24 mm to Φ 75 mm
Measurement item Shapes Pattern / Demo lens : 2-D circumference
Tracing time Max 40 sec
Interface PORT 1 (Selectable)
- RS232C : For PC or Lens Edger
- TCP/IP : For internet server
PORT 2 (Optional)
- RS232C : For Barcode reader
Power supply AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50VA
Dimension / Weight 240 (W) X 300 (D) X 200 (H), 10 Kg
Working mode OMA Packed binary
Standard accessories Pattern holder, Suction cup
Standard frame
Standard pattern
Power code
RS232C NULL Modem cable

Design and details are subject to change without prior notice for it’s improvements.

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Auto Bloquer UPB-900A
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