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Auto Refracto - Keratometer URK-900F

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One Touch Alignment, Tracking, Focus & Capture.

URK-900F is used to determine the initial, objective refractive values for a patient's eyes in the workflow of refraction and to determine the optical prescriptions for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

3D Auto Alignment Function

3 Dimensional movement mechanism enables to track down a measuring focus of an eye automatically and complete the measurement for eyes by auto shooting automatically.

URK-900F 3D Auto Focusing System

URK-900F can determine the best position for precise focusing with the help of high resolution scanner.

LCD Tilting & Swiveling

The LCD moves freely and can be measured anywhere, LCD Tilting & Swiveling to 270° and provide a monitor reverse function.

Auto Cutting Printer

The printer cover can be opened and closed by pushing a button, making it easy to replace a paper. Embedded printer allow print a measurement data without noise. Also, it cuts paper automatically after printing.

You can check abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts and scratches of corneas to see how healthy patient’s eyes are. With an enforced REF power, you can check SPH, CYL, and Axis that could not be measured in a normal mode.

URK-900F User-oriented GUI

Peripheral Keratometry

Mode Select

Retino illumination

URK-900F Provides a various measurement Mode

Ref / Ker / Ref&Ker / Illumination / CLBC / KP Mode, Pupil Size Measurement.

Peripheral Keratometry

It may measure periphery of cornea both horizontally and vertically from the center of cornea to get curvature and eccentricity value of all points.

It may allow the best fitting for contact lenses.

Temperature compensation system

It provides a reliable measurement by our unique temperature compensation system.

Considering measurement environment by temperature, it may reinforce the accuracy of optometry.

Support for many languages

It serves many languages, basically 10 languages. (English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Korean)

Various languages besides the above may be served according to the requirement of customer.

  • Auto Refracto - Keratometer URK-900F

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Auto Refracto - Keratometer URK-900F
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