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Patternless Edger 3D UPE900

Brilliantly Conceived & Beautifully Crafted

State of the Art 3D Patternless Edger

3D Patternless Edger with high-end digital technology & precision that guarantee the faster speed and convenience with very easy-to-follow menu screens.

More innovative and faster milling

  • Precise milling function for PC, high index and plastic lens.
    (Glass optional)
  • A perfect and definitive solution that prevents axis twisting of special hydrophobic lenses.

Improved machining accuracy in one step

  • By showing the detailed description on the same screen in real time during the machining, the operator can grasp the current machining status and problems immediately, and also the very simple graphical menu method out of the text based menu method is adopted.
  • Escaped from Horizontal Tracer style, tilted to 25 ° front allows more convenient operation when mounting or removing eyeglass frame
  • Advanced DSP (Digital Siginal Processor) is applied instead of RISC chip, and processing speed is drastically increased through fast calculation and data analysis
  • Improved machining accuracy and reliability by applying cutting-edge calibration skill, greatly reducing the mechanical error of the lens.
  • Significant savings in maintenance time and cost
  • Dual pump system instead of solenoid valve system eliminates the clogging phenomenon caused by foreign substances, which saves unnecessary time and expense by repair.

(Patternless edger)


All edging parameters are adjustable via the intuitive operator's interface. The large Color Touch Screen(8 inch) offers a clear understanding of the edging program.

The lens

The lens shape can be easily modified to fit a optician's needs. One interesting feature is the possibility yto check the availability to re-edge an already edged lens to fit a new frame.


The built0in safety bevel0grooving function could be ajustable by the operator who can simply modify all parameters(width, depth) using the color touch screen.


UPE-900 uses only the best mechanical and electronic components which will guarantee a bvery high level of reliability even in very demanding environ-ments.

  • 3D Patternless Lens Edging for Lab
  • Grooving & Chamfering
  • User Friendly Operation
  • OMA compliance
Specifications: UPE-900


Edged materials Mineral/ Organic/ Hi-Index/ Polycarbonate I Trivex / Acrilic
  • Bevel - Automatic
    • According to lens/ Frame base curve
    • Customisable
  • Mini bevel (mini 0.6mm)
  • Rimless
  • Relishing bevel and rimless
Lens capacity

Mini 17mm

Maxi 80 mm

Built in Software

Shape modification

- Up/ Down, - Temporal/ Nasal, -Annular
Re-edging already edged lens

  • PORT 1 (Selectable)
    • RS232C : For PC or Lens Edger
    • TCP/IP : For internet server
  • PORT 2 (Optional)
    • - RS232C : For Barcode reader
Power Supply AC 1 00V - 240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 1KVA
Dimension / Weight 580 (H) X 440 (D) X 400 (H) , 36Kg
Accessories Suction cups / Power code
  • UPE900 edger

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Patternless Edger 3D UPE900
Patternless Edger 3D UPE900

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