Auto Ref-keratometer HRK-1200 - Hans Heiss

Auto Ref-keratometer HRK-1200

  • Start of Accurate Diagnosis

  • Reliable Measurement Value

  • Satisfaction of Patient and User

Easy Mode Change Adult/Child, Capacitive Touch Operational Panel, Electrical Stage Lock by One-touch, Wide Rage Movement of LCD Monitor, Simple Software Update (Micro-SD), Various Ports (HDMI, USB, USB-C, RS-232C), Wireless Communication (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), Slot Type Main Board

Wide Movement of LCD

HRK-1200 has freely moving LCO monitor. Tilting, swiveling and elevation support the monitor's movement. lt can be placed where user wants.

Simple Software Update

Software of HRK-1200 can be updated by Micro-SO card very simply. Also HRK-1200 has various communication ports. (HOMI, USB, USB-C, RS-232c, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-SD)

Slot Type Mainboard

The mainboard of HRK-1200 is slot type design. The mainboard exchange can be very easy and simple when necessary. E ven user's can do it without any trouble.

Capacitive Touch Panel

HRK-1200 has capacitive touch buttons and there is no mechanical button. This can make A7 design seamless and outstanding.

Chin-rest Enhancement

HRK-1200 is designed to enhance the operational stability and the endurance . Also, there are two options to use "chinrest-paper" or "chin-rest cover" for its cleanliness.

Refraction / Keratometry

HRK-1200 can measure refraction and curvature of cornea separately or in a sequence. (Please refer to SPECIFICATION)

Peripheral Keratometry

HRK-1200 can measure peripheral curvatures of cornea using 8pcs of LEDs located on octagonal points

Retro-Illum Mode

HRK-1200 can observe lenticular opacity (opacity of crystalline lens) or scratch of contact lens by projecting the light on the pupil directly. Also, 10 images of each eye can be saved and each image can be enlarged for observation.

IOL Mode

HRK-1200 can measure refraction and curvature of cornea of cataract patients in IOL mode. Also, small size pupil can be measured by HRK1200.

Size Mode

HRK-1200 can measure the diameter of cornea or pupil by image freezing or touching the measurement point on the screen intuitively.

Specifications: HRK1200
Measurement Mode
Measurement Mode R/K, REF, KER, CLBC, K/P (Referring to User Manual)
Vertex Distance(VD) 0.0,12.0,13.5,15.0mm
Spherical Power(SPH) -25.00—(-25.00D (at the vertex distance of 12mm)
(Increments : 0.12D / 0.25D Unit)
Cylinder Power 0.00 ~ ±10.OOD (Increments : 0.12D / 0.25D Unit)
Axis 1°~180“(1°Unit)
Cylinder Form -,+,MIX
Pupil Distance (PD) 10-88 mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2.0 mm (diameter)
Radious of Curvature 5.0 ~ 10.2min (0.01mm Unit)
Corneal Power 33.00-67.50D
When the equivalent refractive index of cornea is 1.3375
(Increments: 0.05D/0.12D/0.25D Unit)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00 - 15.00D
(Increments : 0.05D/0.12D/0.25D Unit)
Axis 1° ~ 180° (1° Unit)
Corneal Diameter 2.0 ~ 14.0mm (0.01mm Unit)
Memory of Data 10 measured values for each right and left eye
Internal Printer Thermal line printer with Auto-cutting function
Monitor Color TFT-LCD with Touch Function, 7 inch (800x400)
Power Saving Setting to 5 min, 10 min or 30 min
Interface HDMI, USB, USB-C, Micro SD, RS232C, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth(v4.2)
(Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be used for the linkage between the follow-up models and HRK1200)
Power Supply AC100 - 240V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 60-75 VA
Dimensions Approximately 260(W) x 525(D) x 445(H) mm
Weight Approximately 19kg
Operation Temperature : + 10°C ~ +40°C
Humidity : 30% ~ 85% RH
Atmosphere Pressure : 70~106 kPa
Storage & Transportation Temperature : - 10°C ~ +55°C
Humidity : 10% ~ 95% RH
Atmosphere Pressure : 70-106 kPa

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Auto Ref-keratometer HRK-1200
Auto Ref-keratometer HRK-1200

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