AR4 plus

medilog Philosophy

Much more than arrhythmia screening

Schiller’s medilog® Holter system provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a whole.

Atrial fibrillation detection, sleep apnoea screening and the determination of the quality of life are just some of the exceptional features of medilog®.

Designed with feedback from hundreds of cardiologists and cardiac technicians worldwide, medilog® offers unparalleled accuracy and opens up new possibilities for Holter analysis.

A unique set of sophisticated tools

  • P wave detection for accurate atrial fibrillation screening
  • PureECG™ technology for superior signal quality
  • ECHOView™ for instantaneous detection of atrial fibrillation onset
  • Sleep apnoea detection with synchronised ECG, respiration waveforms and SpO2 readings
  • Fire of Life™: a brilliant, new approach to Heart Rate Variability analysis

AV-block patterns and other critical anomalies are easily identified.

Adapting to your needs

DARWIN2 offers maximum flexibility with freely configurable reports, user-defined screen layout and workflows. It is available in three different versions to suit the needs of any organisation and to grow with it:

  • DARWIN2 Office: optimised for routine application in physicians’ offices.
  • DARWIN2 Professional: perfect for a small to mid-sized Holter scanning centre with the need for fast atrial fibrillation detection.
  • DARWIN2 Enterprise: for the most demanding research centres and high-volume hospitals. Includes atrial fibrillation, apnoea detection, SpO2 and an option for scanlab web-service.

Just 3 mouse clicks away from a report

DARWIN2 is designed to maximise speed and ease of use. The automatic analysis of a 24-hour Holter recording takes less than 90 seconds, with extremely accurate results. Data review is faster than ever: it takes only three mouse clicks to generate a comprehensive report.

99.9 % accuracy with medilog® ADAPT™

The medilog® ADAPT™ algorithm has a 99.9% accuracy in beat detection.

All recorded channels are analysed and excessively noisy episodes are automatically excluded. As a result, the automatic analysis is greatly improved and saves time in the final report generation.

medilog Recorders

Wide range of options

medilog® recorders offer the acquisition of up to 12 leads and 7 days of uninterrupted 3-channel recording.

  • All units feature a robust, shock-proof and splash-proof innovative design.
  • Voice recording allows technicians to easily store patient information before starting the recording.
  • Patients can easily and immediately record their diary event with comments perfectly synchronised with the ECG.
  • Bluetooth is available on the most sophisticated models for transmission during recording, allowing for a quick ECG check-up at any time.
  • medilog® high-end recorders introduce new diagnostic possibilities with the unique ability to record SpO2 measurements synchronised with ECG waveforms.


With medilog® Holter recorders, SCHILLER introduces PureECG ™ technology and sets a new standard for high signal quality and lower power consumption.

Noisy episodes due to muscle artefacts and degrading electrodes are unavoidable during a 24-hour or even longer recording.

A conventional Holter recorder tends to amplify noise much more than the actual signal. To compensate this effect, the signal is often heavily filtered, which results in further distortions and heavy changes on morphology (QRS width, shape of P and T wave).

With the new PureECG technology, medilog® recorders have broken this vicious cycle. The recorder signal is remarkably cleared and matches the original signal, all the while dramatically reducing power consumption.

Specifications: AR4 plus


Channels 3
P wave detection YES
Motion detection YES

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AR4 plus
AR4 plus

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