Digitalized Refractor UDR-800 - UNICOS

Digitalized Refractor UDR-800

Eco-Friendly antibacterial material is applied.

Ensure faster restarting time, faster lens change and a reduced operating noise. UDR-800 will lead your business to be successful.

8″ Full-Colored Touch LCD Panel

It could serve clear distinct UI so that it may serve high resolution graphic.

Realize UI with various images and distinguish the condition of Operation Panel and data by serving various colors. (Locking system function, Prismoff, Auxoff function, External data representation and Touch masking function, etc.)

Minimized number of buttons

26-Button and simply touch to operate easily.

Short cut key button for often used functions

  • Operating test data through jog dial. (SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, VA, Prism, etc.)
  • Menu selection through jog dial.
  • Additional functions and data value selection through jog dial.
  • Shortcut key button function.

  • Monocular PD measurement.
  • Worldwide Various Chart Support.
  • LCD Monitor Tilting function and Screen reversal function.
  • Embedded printer.
  • Help and Real-time Guide function.
  • It could serve upgrading program and A/S functions by USB port.

Outstanding Features

  • 8 inch Full-colored touch LCD : High-definition clear UI and various image for each function
  • Fast rebooting and silent motors and compact design
  • Minimized number of buttons comparing with competitors and simple and easy operation with touch screen
  • Compatibility : UDR-800 could be connected with 20 competitor’s products(ARK and Lens meter).
  • Support various chart
  • Tilting and reversing Display
  • Convenient S/W upgrade by USB port
  • Wireless system by Bluetooth : It allows perfect data transmission with URK-900F and URK-800F and ULM-800 regardless of working environment.
  • 8 inch LED Display with touch screen for convenient operation
  • 270 degree Tilting for convenient operation and viewing to customer
  • Window CE Based System
  • Software upgrade with USB stick memory
  • Jog Dial for easy operation.
  • Sensor for detecting forehead touch
  • Fast and silent lens loading
  • New anti-biotic material
  • Slimmer Body Design
Specifications: UDR-800
Spherical Lens -29.00 ~ +26.75 d (for general test)
-19.00 ~ +16.75 d (for cross cylinder and prism test)
(Step: 0.12/0.25/0.5/1/2/3 d)
Cylinder Lens 0.00 ~ 8.75 D (Step: 0.25/0.5/1/2/3 D)
Cylinder Axis 1 ~ 180° (Step: 1/5/15/30/45°)
Pupil Distance Far:48 ~ 80mm/Near:45 ~ 75mm(Step:0.5/1.0mm)
Working Distance 35 ~ 70 cm (step: 5cm)
Rotary Prism 0 ~ 20 ∆ (step: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2∆)
Cross Cylinder Jackson Cross Cylinder 0.25D, Jackson Cross Cylinder 0.50D, Dual Cross Cylinder
Retinoscopy Lens +1.5D, +2.0D (Test Distance 67, 50 cm)
Power Supply AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 140VA
Auxiliary Lens
Open/Close Lens
Pin Hole Lens ø 1.0 mm
Moddox Rod Right eye (Horizontal red), Left eye (Vertical red)
Red/Green Filter Right eye (Red), Left eye (Green)
Polarized Light Filter Right eye (135, 45°), Left eye (45, 135°)
Separating Prism Right eye (6 ∆BU), Left eye(10 ∆BI added to 0~5 ∆)
PD Test Lens
Fixed Cross Cyl. Lens Jackson Cross Cylinder 0.50D, Axis fixation 90°
Vision Degrees 32°

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Digitalized Refractor UDR-800
Digitalized Refractor UDR-800

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