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SBM Sistemi Activa

Effects of Serial Sessions of Activa Mask for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Activa is a new business model generator

Increase customer satisfaction and save time and money. The Activa benefits can also be enjoyed at home.

Customize number of sessions available for the rental period of your customer.

Relieve tension symptoms and eye swelling

Can be used both in professional and home environments; Provides fast and long lasting relief from eyelid discomfort; Produce controlled heat contributing to unclogging the debris of the meibomian glands on the edge of the eyelids and softening the secretions;

Relieves swollen and irritated eyelids due to ble pharitis, meibomian gland dysfunctions, styes and chalazion; Generate constant heat of approximately 42 degrees celsius for 15 minutes and apply a micro vibration based massage to increase relief;

The device is absolutely safe and there is no risk of burns.

Touch screen controlled, user-friendly and easy to manage.

Through a fully automated procedure the device is able to melt the meibum inside the glands at 42*C and simultaneously squeeze them, this way releasing the melted oil and allowing a strong improvement of the lipid layer quality.

The complete procedure takes maximum 15 minutes and can be performed in any MD/OD practice.

Are you using an ipl in your clinic?

As you may know, IPL patients are not feeling the effect of the treatment from the first application and meibomian glands heating and massage is an important procedure combined with the IPL therapy.

Including Activa in combination with the IPL effects will provide to the patient an immediate feeling of comfort.

Activa supports IPLs treatment efficacy and IPL patient's relief.

Wellness for your eyes

At SBM Sistemi we take the well-being of your eyes very seriously.

This innovative Eye-mask provides a complete heating and

* This innovative Eye-mask provides a complete heating and automatic massage technology in a single device, which is fast and painless;

* Easily sanitized and no gel or other disposable required;

* The service provided will offer better comfort in daily life for lens wearers, stressed eyes caused by heavy use of digital screens and each application will bring additional relief to the patient.

Specifications: SBM Sistemi Activa
  • Heating temperature: 42° Microvibration, Up to 40Hz
  • Power Supply: 100-230V 50-60Hz
  • Instrument power source: 12V DC
  • Maximun power Consumption: 2A
  • ACTIVA – Tutorial ESPAÑOL

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SBM Sistemi Activa
SBM Sistemi Activa

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