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LCD Vision Chart AVC-500

AVC-500 Vision test instrument Product introduction

Functional characteristics:

  • Super thin and light design, high definition scheme, The professional digital picture processing technology, fast switching, easy to operate.
  • Measuring accuracy with the distance from 2.0m to 6.5m and the smallest step 0.1m.
  • Offering single display function, which includes eight rows and three lines charts.
  • Offering fully charts, which includes the total forty-five charts: International C word, International E word, Children, Figures, Astigmatism, Binocular balance and so on.
  • Sitting type installation & Wall-hung type installation both available, which enable the installation convenient and maintenance easy.
  • High resolution LCD screen and small dot pitch(0.294mm) adopted, which ensure the clear image seen.


  • Letters
  • Children
  • Number
  • TumblingE
  • LandoltC
  • Red-greenBlindness
  • Contrastsensitivity
  • Red/Green
  • WorthForDot
  • Fixation
  • Crossgrid
  • Beehive
  • AstigmaticClockDial
  • Singleletter

Keys in Remote control

Application method of Remote control

  • The selection of charts:Press the keys for charts to select the corresponding chart.

  • Function selection:

    • Single line display:By pressing 'horizontal ' it can realize the single line display of corresponding charts.

    • Single row display:By pressing 'vertical 'it can realize the single row display of corresponding charts.

    • Single display:By pressing 'single word' it can realize the single display of corresponding charts.

    • Red/Green display:By pressing 'Red & Green' it can realize the single display of corresponding charts.

    • Cancel single display:By pressing 'Clearing ' it can cancel the single display of corresponding charts

  • Browse of charts:In any state, by pressing the updown keys it can play for all the charts' repeat browse.

  • Use of Color blind charts:In any state, by pressing'Color blind test'it will display the first color blind chart.

    When pressing it for many times continually, it can realize the repeat display for all the color blind charts.

  • Use of Amblyopia training:In any state, by pressing 'Amblyopia training' it will start the function of amblyopia 

    training. When the function is started, it can stop using the function.

  • Reading the operation manual:

    In any state, By pressing 'Manual' show the first page of the manual. Continually press it, it will go to the next page.

  • (MENU)Checking & Setting of specifications:

    • The work specifications includes: lightness,contrast ratio,acuity,RGB-R value,G value,B value system language,work mode,work distance,screen parameter selection and reset operation.

    • In any state,by pressing 'specifications setting' it can check and set the work specification.

    • Press the key for the first time,it will automatically select the first item 'lightness';continually press the key for more times or press upward and downward keys,the system will repeatedly select all items successively, meanwhile the selecting item is coming with bright color.

    • When some item is selected, press left or right direction key to adjust the corresponding specification; after the adjustment of specification,it is no need to operate anything,the system will save it automatically and take effective immediately.

    • The last item in specification's adjustment is reset operation.

    • When user can't confirm if each specification is set up correctly, the system specifications will restore factory settings by completing the reset operation only one time.

  • Start or shutdown:In the state of shutdown,press 'Power'to start;In the state of start,press 'Power'to shutdown

Fault and Maintenance:

For safety and effect use on the machine, we suggest not attempting to make the maintenance for ordinary user.

If the machine can't work properly,please extract the power wire in time, and consult professional or inform the manufacturer to do it.The instruction of fault and maintenance is only for the reference in maintenance. Before looking for after-sale, service you can check by the following methods,it may help you solving the occurring problems.

Security precautions:

Incorrect use will cause electric shock or fire accident, to avoid the danger situations, please follow the instructions below during the installation and cleaning of the machine.

For ensuring your safety and extending machine's service life, please read the following safety precautions carefully: 

  1. To avoid the damage of product, don't use the machine in thunderstorm weather and please unplug the power socket.
  2. It isn't allowed for over load on AC power socket and extension line. Otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock.
  3. Properly place the power line to avoid being treaded or extruded.
  4. Please extract the power plug before removing the machine.
  5. The power plug shall be inserted into socket. If it gets loose, it may cause spark.
  6. Please hold the head of plug when extracting the plug, don't pull the power wire.
  7. When the machine long time no service or personnel is out, please hold the head of plug to extract from power.
  8. To avoid the danger of electric shock, the three-pin power supply shall be kept good grounding.
  9. Please extract the plug from power socket before cleaning the machine.
  10. Please use a little wet duster cloth for cleaning the machine and it is prohibited to use liquid detergent or spray cleaner.
  11. The surface of screen is easy to scratch, so please keep in mind to use special Lens cleaning cloth but not a wet duster cloth to clean.
  12. Don't throw any object on the machine, otherwise, the impact force may cause a explosion occurred on the glass of screen and grievous bodily harm.
  13. Please use the supplied ancillary facilities, and it may cause an accident for the use of inappropriate on the facilities.
  14. Don't put any foreign object through air vent into the machine, otherwise, with the foreign object or liquid inside it is easy to cause short circuit because of high-tension circuit.
  15. The air vents or apertures are used for ventilation, so don't cover these air vents or apertures. If any place without good ventilation, the machine may become overheat or the service life becomes shorten.
  16. Please keep good ventilation conditions for the placing machine.

Functional image

Specifications: AVC500


Power supply AC100V to240V,50/60Hz
Standard power Approx. 25W
Size of monitor 21.5"
Ratio of monitor 16:9
DPI of monitor 1920X1080/60Hz
External dimensions 540x150x380mm
Unit weight 5.0Kg
Measuring distance 1M to 6.5M
Recording methods of vision Decimal & Imperial fraction
Control distance 0-8M

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LCD Vision Chart AVC-500
LCD Vision Chart AVC-500

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