Surgical Microscope HSM-610 - Hans Heiss

Surgical Microscope HSM-610

Surgical Microscope is developed bases on the cutting-edge technology of optics, mechanic and electronic. It can be upgraded for two doctor's using with assistant microscope.

Equipped with the Red Reflex illumination enhancing the red relfex, ensures an even more comfortable lighting environment for cataract operations.


LED light source

MediWorks is the one of pioneers who uses the LED light with much longer lifespan than traditional light, and LED is more economical since there is no replacement of bulb.

Continuous Zoom

It's more easy to change the magnification by the revolving drum without any limitation of the particular magnifications which have been set in advance.

Fine Focus and X-Y axis

The functions of moving focus and adjusting position in the area of X-Y axis can be achieved by a simple foot pedal.


  • Modularization design makes the installation and upgrade easily.
  • Adopting high-intensity LED as the light source without UV and IR radiation.
  • Much less power consumption compared with the traditional light source of surgical microscope.
  • The liftspan of LED is more than 50,000 hours without worry about replacing and maintenance of bulb.
  • Automatic reset function of XY movement stroke.
  • Microscope with Zoom magnification changer ensures a comfortable surgery environment. (HSM-620 only)
  • Head inclination angle from 0 to 90degree continuously alleviates fatigue caused by the long time operation. (HSM-620 only)
Specifications: HSM610


    HSM-620 HSM-610
Microscope Magnification Changer Continuous Zoom 5 steps
Total Magnification(F200) 4.5X - 29X 4X, 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X
Field of View 50mm ~ 7.8mm 58mm, 38mm, 24mm, 14mm, 9mm
Head Inclination Angle 0 - 90° continuously 45°
Eyepiece Magnification 12.5X/18B
Objective F=200mm
Focusing Movement >50mm
X-Y Movement 50mm x 50mm
Illumination Light System 6°+0° Co-axial Illumination
Co-axial Illumination Field 55mm
Co-axial Illumination Maximum Intensity >50KLX
Light Source White LED
Light Power 25W
Light Source Lifespan >50,000hours
Filters* Yellow Spot Protection Filter
Arm,base Mount Floor Stand
Maximum arm extension 1320mm
Arm vertical movement 750mm - 1400mm
Power supply Input Voltage AC100-240V
Power consumption 120VA

* Filter: Red-free filter or cobalt blue filter is optional.

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Surgical Microscope HSM-610
Surgical Microscope HSM-610

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