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ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope

ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope

PCP-USB and PCP-1 electronic stethoscopes are designed to provide high quality auscultatory sound via telemedicine, computer or through mobile device platforms. This can be done in real time, remotely or through sharing of recorded files.

Auscultate anyware with the ri-sonic electronic stethoscope

Auscultate anywhere: In clinic, at home, remotely, or on the go. Providing complete flexibility in application. Potentially reducing cost, time, and better access to patients.

Application of the ri-sonic®

Designed and optimised for Telemedicine use

The need for remote auscultation and contact free consultation has never been more acute, amplified by the pandemic

Heart disease remains the word's number one cause of mortality with pulmonary and respiratory associated disease ranked in the top five.

Outcomes for doctors/HCP and patients

Outcomes for doctors

Enhanced digital auscultation

Amplified and enhanced auscultatory sounds with high specificity and sensitivity, providing an improved electronic auscultation experience for the clinician.

Easy to use

Ergonomic design with no buttons or dials that can be connected to Telemedicine station, PC or mobile devices, giving full flexibility of use.

Improved communication

Auscultate anywhere: In clinic, at home, remotely or on the go, providing complete flexibility in application potentially reducing cost, time, and access to patients. Enabling the sharing of recorded auscultations with specialists and other providers that may improve diagnosis.

Outcomes for patients

Better understanding of diagnosis

By using the ri-sonic with telemedicine software and auscultation software (such as eMurmur) provides the opportunity to record and share auscultations with a specialist and track patients over time, providing evidence-based auscultations that can benefit patient outcomes by improved diagnosis.

Improved care in remote areas

LCombining ri-sonic with mobile devices and telemedicine stations, enables auscultations remotely, improving the patient experience by reducing travel, appointment time and the possibility of more frequent checks.

Reducing the burden

Reducing the burden of doubt by providing reassurance in diagnosis between the provider and the patient, backed up with recorded evidence.

All the quality of a traditional stethoscope, but with state-of-the-art technology

  • The PCP-USB or PCP-1 stethoscope plugs directly into any mobile platform, PC or tablet computer
  • Touch screen Easy to use electronic stethoscope, no buttons, or dials
  • One-handed operation Uses patented piezo technology for picking up body sounds with minimal background arte¬facts
  • Live picture display No requirements for a second doctor on transmit end. Patients can use the stethoscope on themselves under the guidance of a clinician
  • Share images No batteries needed
  • LanguagesErgonomic design
Specifications: ri-sonic-electronic-stethoscope
Mode of Operation This product may be used in continuous operation.
Electrical Operation: Class II protection against electrical shock.
Auscultation Bandwidth / Frequency range: 20 – 2000 Hz
Classification Type BF applied part
Weight ri-sonic PCP-USB with cable: 180g
ri-sonic PCP-1 with cable: 145g
Operating Conditions 5°C to 40°C at a water vapor pressure up to 50mbar a relative humidity range of 30% to 75%.
Start up time Instant. Please note, there is no minimum time required for the unit to warm up from minimum storage temperature or to cool down from maximum storage temperature before use.
Storage and transport conditions -25°C bis 35°C,> 35° C to 70° C at a water vapor pressure up to 50mbar with a relative humidity range of 0% to 90%.
Air pressure 700hPa to 1060hPa.
Maintenance / Accuracy check / Calibration The ri-sonic PCP-USB / ri-sonic PCP-1 Chest Piece requires no preventive inspection, no preventive or routine maintenance, and it does not have to be calibrated.
Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase on all defects, which can verifiably be shown to be due to material or manufacturing faults. Please note, a warranty claim does not apply in the case of improper handling.

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ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope
ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope

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