medilog®DARWIN 2

... the unique diagnostic tool!

With medilog®DARWIN 2, you can now process a routine Holter ECG quicker and more accurately. In addition to the detection of all cardiopathological events, medilog®DARWIN 2 provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a unit. Functional atrial diagnostics, apnoea diagnostics and the determination of the quality of life are just some of the exceptionally useful features that medilog®DARWIN 2 uses to filter information from a Holter recording without any additional sensors.

99.9 % accuracy

Every tenth of a percent of accuracy means approx. 100 beats more that are automatically detected correctly – which for you means 100 interactions less to post-process a 24-hour recording. For the medilog®ADAPT algorithm, we were able to increase the accuracy to 99.9 % [1]. Moreover, all recorded channels are analysed and episodes that are too noisy are automatically excluded. This results in an improved analysis of a «true» Holter recording and saves you a large amount of time.

Just three mouse clicks away from a printout

Thanks to medilog®DARWIN 2's accuracy, it just takes a few seconds to obtain a comprehensive Holter report. You can load, analyse and assess a recording and create a report with only a few clicks, supported by the user interface that is optimised for rapid processing. The automatic analysis of a 24-hour Holter recording takes less than 90 seconds.

Adapting to your needs

Each medical practice has its own work routine. We believe that the user should not adapt to the software, but that the software should adapt to the user; we have therefore developed medilog®DARWIN 2 in a way so that it can be customised to your habits and routines. Freely configurable reports, adjustable screens and workflows are just some of the features which you can benefit from. We take the comments from thousands of medilog®DARWIN users from all over the world very seriously and are continuously developing the system.

Recommended minimal system requirements (standard)

  • Intel® Core™2 CPU with 2 GHz or similar
  • 20 GB hard disk
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Minimal monitor resolution 1280 x 800 (recommended 1920 x 1080)
  • TCP/IP-compatible network hardware
  • Available USB interface for the software key
  • Compact Flash Card reader for medilog®AR4 and medilog®AR12
  • DVD/RW drive
  • MS Windows™ 2000, XP or Vista

medilog®DARWIN 2 allows you to work at different reading and analysis stations within the network. The applications range from interconnection of several PCs in a practice, to larger groups in hospitals and to the integration of remote reading and analysis stations via Internet. medilog®DARWIN 2 blocks patient data that is edited by another user and provides information on who is editing which data. In addition, our proven data management system SEMA-200 is fully compatible with medilog®DARWIN 2.

Specifications: DARWIN 2


Feature medilog®DARWIN 2 full version medilog®DARWIN 2 Scanlab
ADAPT 99,9% accuracy 99,9% accuracy
Workflows Drop-down menu for the selection of workflows Presentation adjustable but fixed workflow
ST Analysis * *
QT Analysis * *
Pacemaker Analysis * *
HRV Analysis Time and frequency domain Only time domain
Atrial Analysis *  
Apnoea Analysis *  
ECHOView *  
Arrhythmia Overview *  
Time adjustment *  
Reports Holter reports as well as atrial, apnoea and HRV reports Various Holter reports
HL7 interface optional optional

Revolutionary atrial diagnostics

Thanks to the extremely high sampling frequency used in our medilog®AR recorders, the P waves are detected in real time. medilog®DARWIN 2 processes these information and presents the atrial activity in unique graphs such as ECHOView® and the P-R trend. These tools help detecting cardiac diseases like A-V block, atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation very quickly and accurately.

Suitable for any application...

In combination with our ECG recorders, medilog®DARWIN 2 delivers constant high-quality results for a wide variety of applications, ranging from laboratories with a high throughput (medilog®DARWIN 2 Scanlab) to complex research problems.

Fully flexible...

medilog®DARWIN 2 can be operated with one or two monitors to match your work routine. It can easily be integrated in networks and is compatible with a multitude of the latest highspeed printers. Patient data is safely stored on DVD (Windows 7), network drive or removable hard disk.

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medilog®DARWIN 2

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