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Digitalized Refractor UDR-800P

10.2 Inch Large and Detachable Tablet

The 10.2 Inch large and clear detachable tablet allows user to carry out examination freely without space limit and guide to realice remote medical.

It servers varius images together with intuitive ul so that user may recognize the present circumstances of operation panel and data at a glance (Locking system function, Prism-off, Aux-off function, External data representation and Touch masking masking function, and so on)

User may select the desired function quikly and accuratelythrough a wide 10.2 inch screen.

It is convenient for user to explain a process to patients by showing varius pictures during measurement.

Tablet and OP Panel manipulation, 240° rotation

Optometry using tablets and OP panels is possible, and it can be used for close inspection with a pad holder that is adjusted by 240°.

Paper Exchange

A high-speed printer is built into the rear of the control panel and allows easy exchange of paper.

Easy S/W Update

It is highly compatible with external equipment and provides an easy upgrade experience using USB and Android APP.

Jog Dial Function

Menu selection and data value selection/testing and data operations management (SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, VA, Prism, etc.) can be done quikly via the jog dial.

User may edit their preferred program for hem to do a stable measurement without delay

User may explain the condition of each eye by showing pictures such as Color blindness test, Eye image, Near target, Dark target grid, Stereoscopic target to patients.

Wireless Data Comunication

Data transmission using wireless comunication can be installed in a wider enviroment, and a network can be formed between optometry equipment to quickly and efficiently derive and manage prescription results.

Efficient data transmission among a series of UNICOS Brands.

It has high compatibility with external devices and S/ upgrade may be done by USB Android APP easly and conveniently.

Cross Cylinder Lens

Jackson & Dual Cross Cylinder lens is fitted to precisely determine the axis and frequency of the astigmatism correction lens so that no residual astigmatism is induced.

Forehead Position Sensor

When the examinee puts his forehead on the forehead to keep the distance between the vertices constant, the LED lights up on the front so that the forehead position can be more easly checked before the examination.

Electronic Medical Record

Efficient data management is possible by using the electronic medical record system.

Specifications: UDR-800P
Measurement Range
Spherical Lens
-29.00 ~ +26.75D (For general test)
-19.00 ~ +16.75D (For cross cylinder & Prism test)
(step 0.12D / 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D)
Cylinder Lens
0.00 ~ 8.75D (Step 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D)
Cylinder Axis
0 ~ 180° (Step 1 / 5 / 1 5 / 30 / 45°)
Pupil Distance
Far 48 ~ 80mm (Step 0.5 / 1.0 mm)
Near 45 ~ 75 mm (Step 0.5 / 1.0mm)
Working Distance
35 ~ 70 cm (Step 5 cm)
Rotary Prism
0 ~ 20 ∆ (Step 0.1 ∆ / 0.2 ∆ / 0.5 ∆ / 1 ∆ / 2 ∆ )
Cross Cylinder
Jackson Cross Cylinder ± 0.25D
Jackson Cross Cylinder ± 0.5D
Dual Cross Cylind
Retinoscopy Lens
+1.5D, + 2.0D (Test Distance 67cm, 50cm)
362(W) X 83(D) X 229(H), 3.5Kg
215(W) X 230(D) X 226(H), 1.5Kg
Junction Box
266(W) X 60(D) X 239(H), 1.0Kg
Tablet PC (PAD) Recommended Spec.
OS: Android 10
CPU: Snap-Dragon 662
RAM: 3Gb
Power Suply
AC 100 ~ 240V , 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
70 ~ 95 VA
Auxiliar Lens
Open/Close Lens
Pin Hole Lens
ɸ 1mm
Moddox Rod
Right Eye (Horizontal Red), Left Eye (Vertical Red)
Red / Green Filter
Right Eye (Red), Left Eye (Green)
Polarized Light Filter
Right Eye (135° , 45°), Left Eye (45° , 135°)
Separating Prism
Right Eye (6 ∆ BU)
Left Eye (10 ∆ BI can be added to 0 ~ 5 ∆
PD Test Lens
Vision Degrees
Fixed Cross Cylinder Lens Jackson Cross Cylinder ±0.05D, Axis fixation 90°

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Digitalized Refractor UDR-800P
Digitalized Refractor UDR-800P

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