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HHVF-2000 Visual Field Analyzer

PalmScan HHVF-2000 Visual Field Analyzer is an innovative and disruptive technology for testing of visual field defects in the medical industry.

This battery operated and fully portable sys- tem allows users to perform different types of Visual Field on patients in any setting such as an office waiting room, nursing home or even in a patient’s home.

For pediatric and disabled patients who cannot take the test with standard desktop equipment, the HHVF-2000 can easily be used to complete a visual field test.

The new “Interactive Fast Threshold” algorithm quickly per- forms a threshold test and evaluates patient’s vision in a few minutes. The sys-tem is completely independent of the ambient light in the room and you do not need a dark room to perform the test. In addition, there is no need for an eye patch to occlude the fellow eye.

Increase your revenue with the PalmScan HHVF-2000 Visual Field Analyzer The PalmScan HHVF-2000 Visual Field Analyzer system will help you increase your office revenue by allowing you to test patients who are unable to eas- ily come to your office. Send your technician with this system to a local nursing home and perform full threshold Glaucoma screenings on your patients there.

The Controller app (indicated to the right) has a user friendly interface. It offers a multitude of tests for detecting Visual Field defects.

The printed report is designed to be familiar for most physicians and it includes numerical and gray scale maps for Absolute, Total and Pattern de- viations. In addition, Mean Deviation progressions is also graphed so the physician can quickly determine any significant visual field changes.


The following are some of the many benefits of using the world’s first Virtual Reality based Visual Field Analyzer:

  • Highly sensitive, reliable and reproducible results
  • Can be used in almost any settings
  • Can be used for pediatrics patients
  • Can be used for disabled patients
  • Screening patients in nursing home
  • Can be used to test for toxicity for certain medications and for retinal diseases
  • Patient Comfort - can be used with patient in any position/orientation
  • Fast measurement times


The following are the items that are included with the order:
    • PalmScan HHVF-2000 Virtual Reality Goggles
    • Android Controller Tablet
    • Clicker for patient use
    • Wireless charger for the VR system
    • Carry Case, Tablet Holder and Charger

With each system order an account will be setup for your office on our secure web portal with an admin account to setup other staff accounts.

Specifications: HHVF-2000
  • Fully portable
  • Fast measurements
  • 70 degrees Field of view testing (+/- 35 degrees)
  • 6 diopters of optical adjustment built in
  • Full threshold tests
    • Full Threshhold Fast
    • From Master
    • From Prior Data
    • Interactive, Fast Threshhold
  • Screening tests
    • Single Intensity
    • Threshhold Related
    • 3 Zone
    • Quantify Deficit
  • Ptosis tests
  • Neurological tests
  • Patient database and archiving
  • Fixation light with Gaze Monitoring
  • Ability to test one eye at a time
  • Adjustable test speeds
  • 6 Presets per user for your favorite configurations-
  • WiFi & Bluetooth printing capabilities
  • PDF Print & EMR exportability
  • Immediate web based access to captured reports
  • Wireless Rapid Charger
  • Bluetooth Clicker

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HHVF-2000 Visual Field Analyzer
HHVF-2000 Visual Field Analyzer

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