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Laser Flare Meter FM-600

Unique, accurate, and incredibly easy to use.

The FM-600 has been upgraded to obtain smooth and simple measurement of aqueous flare in the anterior chamber. A front view alignment mode was added to the standard side view alignment to simplify measurement for flare. The FM-600 is easier to use than ever.

The FM-600 is Kowa's unique aqueous flare meter that offers a reproducible and reliable guide to ocular inflammation. Designed to combine efficiency and accuracy with fast and easy operation in a compact and modern body, the FM-600 aqueous flare meter enhances the follow up of patients by enabling the in-vivo measurement of aqueous flare in a non-contact, non-invasive, and painless manner. The FM-600 provides quantitative and reproducible measurements of aqueous flare, which is useful in cases of uveitis and following IOL implantation. In addition, increased levels of flare have been reported with many other ocular conditions thus making the FM-600 a highly useful tool.

Features and Benefits


All of Kowa's manufacturing expertise were put together to design a flare meter with all necessary functions, in a compact body.

Simple & Quick

With operations made while facing the patient and all buttons located within hands reach, the flare meter is easier to use than ever.

Easy Alignment

Quick and precise measurement is capable with small pupil mode and front view and side view alignment modes.


Position the alignment dot in the center circle while bringing the dot into focus.

Position the alignment dot in the center circle while bringing the dot into focus. Then, press the measurement button and scan laser. Measurement is possible when the center circle for alignment is green.

Front View Alignment

Side View Alignment

Position the alignment dot in the center circle while bringing the dot into focus, then shift to the side view alignment mode by pressing the measurement button on the panel. Measurement is possible when the measuring window at the center is green.

SP Mode

The alignment position for patients with small pupils displays when the SP button is pressed.

Measuring Window

The color and view of the measuring window depends on the alignment. Measurement cannot be made when the central square is white; measurement is possible when the same square is green.

Measurement Results

The scattered light is converted into an electrical signal and its intensity is displayed as flare value on the LCD monitor. All flare and dispersion data is analyzed, providing reliable and accurate measurements.

Graph Results

Report Results


Graph Results

Graph Results


Pre-installed calibrator on the body for easy calibration.

Measurement Results

The FM-600 is based on the measurement principle of laser light scattering detection. The instrument uses a diode laser beam to scan a measuring window that is projected inside the anterior chamber of the eye. As an aqueous protein (component of inflammation) passes through the focal point of the laser,light scattering occurs. The intensity of the scattered light (directly proportional to the amount of protein particles-flare) is detected by a photo-multiplier tube (PMT), which generates an electrical signal. This signal is immediately digitized to eliminate outside noise interference and are processed by a computer which displays the results for user analysis. The unit of measurement employed by the FM-600 is "Photon Count" per millisecond.

Specifications: FM-600
Measuring Laser Source Laser Diode: 635nm 35±15μw
Detector Photo-multiplier Tube (PMT)
Measuring Range 1 to 500 Photon count/ms
Measuring Field Vertical 0.3mm x Horizontal 0.5mm
Measuring Time 0.5 Seconds
Working Distance 81mm (Distance of Examined Eye to Front End of Objective Lens)
Printer 58mm Width, Thermal Line Printer
Monitor 5.6 Inch Color LCD Monitor
Movement Range Backward/Forward: 37mm Left/Right: 89mm Vertically (Electric): 25mm
Dimensions 310(W) x 505(D) x 462(H)mm
Dimensions 274(W) x 457(D) x 458(H)mm
Weight 22kg/48lbs
Weight 18kg
Interface ID Input: PS/2※ (Compatible with Numerical Keypad and Barcode Reader) Data Output: RS-232C
Power Supply Input: AC100-230V 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 80VA (Normal)/100VA (Maximum)

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Laser Flare Meter FM-600
Laser Flare Meter FM-600

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