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Blumenthal Iridotomy Lens

This unique lens provides a combination of superior optics and the ability to open the anterior chamber angle during the procedure, leading to easier placement of a very peripheral iridotomy, lower energy settings and reduced inflammation.

Volk’s range of iridotomy lenses provide high-detail views of the iris to recognize the best location for treatment such as iris crypts while the optics ensure that laser energy is efficiently transferred for effective treatment of closed angle glaucoma. The lens button within this lens allows access to the farthest peripheral iris for laser placement. The specially designed, smaller contact element allows corneal indentation in order to open the angle to examine the level of closure and adhesion if any. Housed in a taller lens body, this lens is perfect for treating patients with deep set eyes. 

  • Unique contact element allows indentation to open closed angles
  • Tall lens body facilitates treatment of patients with deep set eyes/ prominent supraorbital ridges
  • Ensures precise placement of the laser beam
  • Laser window barrier protects internal optical components

An improved lens element design provides precise and tight laser spots, minimizing collateral iris tissue damage as well as distancing the cornea from the iris, reducing the risk of endothelial cell damage.

  • Unique contact profile design allows indentation to open the angle and flatten the peripheral iris
  • Aspheric lens element provides superior optical quality for sharply focused laser spots
  • Improved lens performance ensures minimal 'collateral damage'; lower energy used, less iris tissue damage and less post-laser inflammation
  • Larger lens housing improves lens grip and alignment and allows more oblique viewing

Specifications: Blumenthal Iridotomy Lens
 Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
1.54x 0.65x

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Blumenthal Iridotomy Lens
Blumenthal Iridotomy Lens

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